Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Animation Test and blah-de-blah

I learned so much with this little test.

My "jump test" went out of control and turned into a jump and run test. I was testing out Olive's design to see how easy or difficult it was to animate her. Overall, she was pretty easy to deal with. I had a little bit of trouble with her loose hair strands (at times they looked like horns) but I think I can remedy it. The run was a challenge, because I referenced Edward Muybridge's photo sequences. My first pass looked as stiff as nails, so I added a bit more bounciness to her run and broke the joints in this one.

Click here to see!

Also, Flash BITES. I'm going to try to do most of Olive's acting shots on paper and pencil and try the walks and runs on Toon Boom.

Is anyone else having trouble embedding from Vimeo?



  1. An edited version has replaced the video. Lenny gave me some critique/advice. Enjoy!

  2. Colette is excited to try out Olive for you!