Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Fresh Batch of Zane Paintings

Zane doesn't want the tree to look like TreeBeard from Lord of the Rings. I forgot what TreeBeard looked like, but when I saw the pictures, a small part of me died. He looks a LOT like Olive's TreeKing because of that hooked nose and beard. D: See below...

So, we've been going back and forth about a fresh approach, which is taking a while.
TreeKing 1

I love Tree King 1's legs and root feet. This is a minor detail, but I really like the leaves that are just dots, instead of the natural leaves. The spherical leaves have a more Klimt feel. This is also your only painting with a sort of knubby nose, and I liked that nose in the tree sketches earlier. It's a lot more natural. Let's stick with two arms and squinty eyes though.
 The TreeKing 2's body here is a much closer silhouette to what I was anticipating. I like how he's leaning over in his posture. He reminds me too much of a robot though and is lacking in that mystical quality. I'd like more of his head being shown.
TreeKing 3
I love Tree King3's crown! I also like his squinty eyes and mouth here. I really never pictured him being fat, Zane! Although, if he were fat, he would stand apart from the other trees and provide good contrast. I'm slowly warming up to this idea the more I think about it. I love the bark texture and colors on him. They're beautiful! Is his chin hollow?

Ok Olive crew, let us know what you think and please comment below! I'm trying to be more receptive to atypical designs for a truly unique visual experience, but in the end it needs to support the story.

Thank you again for the sketches, Zane! You rock!


  1. I am in love with the third one. Well done Zane!

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  3. I'm a big fan of the 3rd ones crown and the second one's body. But they all look great!