Saturday, July 30, 2011

Model Sheets Part 3 Facial Expressions

I've put together some roughed out facial expressions. I realized that I always drew Olive with the same expression, so I really needed to get these out. Drawing with a tablet is extremely difficult, but I'm happy with how some of the drawings turned out. Her range is pretty subtle...of course...but there are few extremes. How do you folks feel about the cintiq versus pencil looks?

I'm going to hash out some more action poses and visdev pieces while I impatiently wait for After Effects to arrive in the mail.

Also, my main blog is now. My one year ownership for the domain name expired, and I temporarily switched back to blogspot because I wanted to use for a real website in the future. I typed my old URL in today to repurchase it and was dismayed to see that it was TAKEN. I'm so sad now. Whoever you are who bought it, I hope you're a Miss and a Ngo who loves puns too. >:(


  1. NIce sketches Lane! I do like the Wacom tablet's too, although it's not a cintiq ;). I've been trying to get more used to it as well. What brushes are you using with it? There is the animator that created his own pencil like brush for photoshop that looks pretty authentic. I'll try to look that up for you and send you the link.

    Sorry about the domain name :( I had the same problem kinda, I really wanted to have and it was available for a long time. But when I finally paid for a web host it was taken. So now I'm stuck with but it's ok I think having that extra little initial in the middle of my name adds more character :) maybe you can look at your future site in the same light!

  2. Thanks, Blake! That "pencil brush" would be great! I'm such a die-hard traditionalist about everything. I'm trying to get used to drawing with my tablet so that I can start doing animation tests soon!

    Oh, and I guess that's a good way of looking at my domain name problem. :/ Just swallow the bitterness... GULP.